You are considering selling
your apartment building?

Do you care who will buy your property and how he will take care of it?

We are a Czech investment and consulting company Porta Invest. We
buy apartment buildings and land in Prague. Our experience goes back to 2007.

We honor traditional values in the sense
"our customer, our master".

We will first discuss your situation and then we will advise you.
There are many questions that you are certainly dealing with and may bother you:

,,I don´t know if I should leave the house to my children, or sell it and give them money?“

,,I would like to sell the house by apartment units, but
I don´t know exactly what does it involve?”

,,I already made a decision. I will sale my apartment building.
But I do not want to cause yet a stir among the tenants.”

,,But how do I announce the news to the tenants?”

Story of real estate purchase

When purchasing your property, we always proceed and approach

You may have a lot of questions at the bigining.

What do I need for a successful sale? And how long will the sale take place?

Successful implementation is preceded by careful preparation.

Together we will prepare complete documents for the sale of the property. From technical plans (floor plans), lease contracts to accounting and legal documents.

Therefore, we will prepare all necessary documents.

We will help you to prepare and secure all necessary documents. We interconnect our attorneys and gradually answer important points of the transaction. We will agree on how to transfer money and secure it.

After all, handshake and your satisfaction are most important to us.

Successful business realization. Transfer money from the escrow account to your account and transcript in the land register to the new owner. Real transfer of the property.

We are not interested in buying property at all costs.
We approach every offer to buy a property individually



With respect

With regard to your tenants

For more information contact our specialist

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